As members of NCA we believe...



  • Each individual has worth and dignity; we value caring and respect for self and others
  • Positive change can be facilitated in people, organizations, and societies.
  • Awareness of current and evolving knowledge can assist in facilitating positive change.
  • Leadership requires a willingness to take risks, a readiness to take stands, and a responsibility to act on vital issues.
  • Interdependence among individuals, organizations, and societies is essential to quality human existence.

Your membership provides...


  • A professional identity
  • Professional development opportunities - CEU's
  • Professional network contacts
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Legislative advocacy to the Nevada legislature
  • Discounts for conference attendance

Membership Fees


Professional Membership: $50

Student Membership: $25

Membership begins whenever you sign up and continues until June 30th. 

Renewal July 1st


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